TOP 10 SEO optimized WordPress themes

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very important and crucial factor when you try to think of selling your some product online. Although WordPress itself is an SEO optimized environment but selection of perfect theme is still very important. Not every theme is built same; some theme developers just don’t care about SEO design in general. Therefore, one should always go for an SEO optimized WordPress theme. After detailed analysis of theme designs and their development patterns, we have maintained a list of top 10 SEO optimized WordPress themes. You should consider them before choosing one finally for your website. So, why wait?  Let’s dive deep into the world of SEO Ready WordPress Themes

  1. Blog Spring


If you are thinking of starting your own blog just like most of the other WordPress users, blog spring might be one best option for you. The theme is very developer friendly and offers more than 200 options for customization. That’s quite a lot! With a fully responsive design, you can easily focus on your blog and not worry about portability or mobile rendering.

  1. SEO WP


SEO WP is one of the best SEO optimized WordPress themes out there. It was released in 2014 and it is the best theme for startups and small and medium enterprises. The theme can be customized via a live customizer. The theme is also searching engine friendly, and you can probably guess it from the name itself. The theme is great for creative work as you can easily build layouts using the live Composer page builder. The theme loading loads in just three seconds. The loading time helps both the SEO of the website but also improves the user experiences.

  1. Schema


Schema is one of the most demanded best SEO Optimized WordPress themes in the market. It comes with SEO support and offers the necessary features in a creative package.The theme is also one of the fastest loading theme available on the market. We all know how important the loading time of a theme affects the search engine rankings. Schema just pulls the loading time to a minimum, allowing your website to rank better in search engines.

  1. Olivie


Divi theme can’t be ignored whenever we talk about SEO friendly themes. It is not only an SEO friendly theme but it is also an amazing theme when we talk about responsiveness, loading time and efficient use of JavaScript and CSS. The developers have actually nailed it.

  1. X-Theme


X Theme is another most popular theme of 2016. It also revolutionized the WordPress theme market by introducing the concept of stacks. Currently, it supports four stacks and is also SEO friendly. X Theme is full of features and customization. According to the authors, the theme is the last theme you will ever need, I do concur to the claims partially.

  1. Material


The material WordPress theme is a professional news website. The news site can be made up with minimalist design in mind. To be fair, the theme is excellent and brings the material design look-alike on the floor. The theme is also made with SEO friendly design in mind. It is completely responsive, and the search engines love it.

  1. Avada


Avada is one of the most popular WordPress themes in the market. It has sold more than any other theme on ThemeForest, and currently, it supercharge 184,000 websites on the internet. It is elegantly designed and is built using SEO in mind. The theme is also highly customizable and you can create anything you want. Avada offers unlimited blog templates, multi-layout styles, and much more.

  1. MH Magazine


A speedy and SEO optimized theme, MH Magazine theme knows the way to your audience heart. It is very up-to-date and follows the latest standards of Google Pagespeed, Pingdom, Schema, Microdata, etc. It is a gem in all respects and gives you advanced features at an affordable price. The theme loads well and takes very less time which means higher audience satisfaction and better SEO rankings.

  1. Jacqueline



Jacqueline Theme is a chic theme. Yes, it is made for women entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants. Even, If it is designed to be more inclined towards female entrepreneurs, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be used by others. The theme offers great potential and hence improves on the what it has to offer in the first place. The theme is completely responsive, and SEO optimized. Concerning other features, it provides customizable color themes, a newspaper placement at the top of the homepage, sticky menu, MailChimp support and much more. Jacqueline Theme is also translation ready and can be used to serve the worldwide audience with ease.

  1. North


North is an excellent WordPress e-commerce theme. E-Commerce is in expansion mode for the past decade with no sign of slowing down. Also, E-Commerce website requires themes that can easily rank higher on the Google rankings. Without ranking higher, traffic will be small and so does the profit. North solves the above problem by providing an extremely useful SEO e-commerce theme. This SEO friendly WordPress theme has a good balance between the design and functionality and you will find it easy to implement the e-commerce using the website. The theme offers background customizer, impressive color variations, and full-blown admin panel.

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