5 Best WordPress Popup Plugins

The main purposes of using a popup on your website is to generate leads, perform online advertisment or boosting your email lists subscribers. Converting website visitors into email subscribers and paying customers is the main goal of all businesses. Most of the visitors would not come back again on your site until you offer them to subscribe on your website. This is where popup plugins come in handy. Whether it is text, images or subscription offers, popups are best to grab visitors attention over them. Considering there are tons of popups generating plugins, we have tested and handpicked 5 best WordPress popup plugins. Most of them are free to use. Here is the list of those plugins:

1. WordPress Popup



WordPress PopUp brings a proven solution for effective advertising to your site or network. It introduces mailing lists, exclusive offers and other advertisements to your clients, users or visitors with a polished pop-up ad. Because the WordPress PopUp interface provides a simple, flexible design template in a familiar workspace, you can spend more time creating and less time building. Plus, with this fully-responsive plugin, your pop-ups will look fantastic on every device.

WordPress Popup Unique Features:

  • Design pop-ups from a familiar intuitive interface
  • Unlimited pop-ups that display across an entire network, on individual sites or on specific URLs – limited to 3 active pop-ups in free version
  • Both responsive and fixed design options mean your pop-ups look great on every device
  • 3 built-in modern templates for displaying clean, simple or sophisticated pop-ups – 1 easy-to-use layout in the free version
  • Choose to hide pop-ups from mobile devices – pro version only
  • Control who sees a pop-up including logged out users, visitors who have never commented and search engine visitors – limited with free version

WordPress popup User Reviews:

Most of the users choose this plugin. Here is a review from one user:


Here is another user saying about this plugin:




Get ready to increase subscriptions, user interaction, conversion rates and overall usability of your website. Popup Maker is the most versatile and easy to use popup, modal & content overlay plugin available. With a wide variety of customization settings you can create any type of overlay you can imagine. With hooks, filters and a full JavaScript events API you can take basic popups to a new level.


Popup maker Unique Features:

  • Unlimited Customizable Popups & Popup Themes
  • Allows shortcodes, HTML optin forms and any other content you can think of.
  • With our targeting conditions you can show a popup on one page or all pages of your site for precise content targeting.
  • Customize every visual aspect of your popups to blend perfectly into your site with no coding required. We include color pickers, sliders, Google Fonts & much more. Over 60 options!
  • Open popups from your menus, sidebars, footers, text content, buttons, images or anything else on the page that the user can click.
  • One of the absolute best ways to market your most valuable offers, Auto Open Popups allows you to choose the delay before opening, when the cookie is set and how long the cookie will last.
  • Customize where your popup will show, the size, animation style and even where it animates from. Easily make slide outs in the bottom corner or top banner bars.

POPUP MAKER User Reviews:

Users have given 5 star ratings to this plugin. Let’s have a look at some of the user reviews:


Here is another one:


3. OptinMonster-Best WordPress Popup and Lead Generation Plugin:


OptinMonster helps you grow your email list and get more subscribers with popup and other types of high converting optin forms. OptinMonster comes with an easy to use form builder that allows you to create beautiful optin forms that are proven to convert. You can create various type of optins including WordPress popup forms, floating header and footer bars, slide-ins also known as scroll triggered boxes, sidebar forms, after post forms, in-line forms, mobile-specific forms, welcome gates and more.

OptinMonster Plugin Unique Features:

  • High converting template library (100% responsive mobile-friendly).
  • 8 different types of optin forms.
  • Powerful page level targeting to build a hyper-segmented email list.
  • Custom user-centric output settings to target visitors, logged-in users or a mixture of both.
  • Category, tag and custom taxonomy output controls for robust campaign segmenting.
  • Custom analytics with Google Analytics to tell you which campaigns are converting the best.
  • Our signature Exit Intent™ technology to convert abandoning website visitors into subscribers and customers.
  • Powerful A/B testing that helps you eliminate guess work and make data driven decisions on what works best.
  • MonsterLinks™ 2-step optin technology which is proven to boost conversions by as much as 785%!
  • Mobile specific popup forms that are specifically targeted towards mobile visitors.

OptinMonster Plugin User Reviews:

We are sharing two user reviews about this plugin:


Here is another one:


4. ITRO Popup Plugin


ITRO Popup is a very lightweight Plugin for WordPress which allow users to add a fully-customizable, multilanguage pop-up thanks to qTranslate-X. It has a very user-friendly interface, which allow WordPress users to easily modify all settings needed for a popup, without coding.

Itro Popup Unique Features:

  • It is useful for adult content WordPress site (tobacco & alcohol selling, violence, bad language etc).
  • The leave and the enter button are separately customizable.
  • Popup can be rendered unlockable with the option “Unlockable popup” so it will close only with countdown.
  • This plugin is basic-user oriented, no code knowledge is required. Simply the best WordPress popup plugin!

ITRO User Reviews:

Let’s now see what users are saying about this plugin:


Another user says:


5. Popups-Wordpress Popup


The new Popups plugin can display multiple popups. Is the perfect solution to increase your social followers, add call to actions, increase your mailing lists by adding a form like mailchimp or to display any important message in a simple popup.

Popups-WordPress Popup Unique Features:

  • Show popup on specific pages, templates, posts, etc
  • Filter user from search engines
  • Filter users that never commented
  • Filter users that arrived via another page on your site
  • Filter users via roles
  • Show popup depending on referrer
  • Show popup to logged / non logged users
  • Show or not to mobile and tablet users
  • Show depending on post type, post template, post name, post format, post status and post taxonomy

Popups-WordPress Popup User Reviews:

We have many users who have given 5/5 ratings to this plugin. Here are some of them:


Here is another:




Most of the visitors on your site may not come again. You have one chance to convert them lead or capture them as part of your regular audience. If visitors liked your content, they will be much more likely to give you their email when asked then to search your site for a sidebar subscription box. Hence, popups serves this purpose best. I hope you’ll find the stuff useful. Your feedback is always welcome.

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