3 Best Ideas For Subscription Business

Since consumer buying habits are trending towards more simple and hassle-free shopping experiences and more and more companies are jumping on subscription models. Like Microsoft has moved away from perpetual licenses for its software in favor of subscription offerings like Office 365. Subscriptions allow you as a company to plan resources and predict revenue. Subscription commerce, or SubCom in short, seems like a decent business model. But determining the business model of a subscription website is more important than focusing on the content of the subscription website. Once a company gets you to sign up for automated deliveries, you’re already a repeat customer. So here we are sharing with you 5 Best Ideas for Subscription Business:

1. Online Tutorials Portal


No doubt, the trend of online learning is becoming one of the largest business in near future. Online video tutorial subscription websites generate value from both the users and the sponsors. Users pay—not with money (all website content is free) but with time and information.

The children now entering school are fully fledged digital natives. Recent research by Ofcom found that six-year-olds have the same understanding of communications technology as 45-year-olds. Another good thing about online learning is that you can target any age group for subscription on your website. You can offer 20 to 30 videos per month for your subscribed users. They spend time viewing web pages, emails and RSS feeds, thus creating advertising inventory that can be used to sell the publisher’s products (internal advertising) and/or sold to third party sponsors (external advertising) on a CPM (cost per thousand), CPC (cost per click) or CPA (cost per action) basis.

2. Magazine Subscription Website


A magazine subscription website model is set up to sell subscriptions for a related print or digital magazine and to provide access to issues of the magazine. Reading magazines is like an addiction for some people. Many people love to read magazines in their spare time and would rather read them than a long novel.

A website is only a magazine website if the user can view or download an issue of a magazine—one that is linear and periodic, has pages and a regular frequency, and can be viewed in HTML, downloaded as a PDF or downloaded to a mobile device. 

But if you know the tips for getting cheap magazine subscriptions, you won’t have to wait to get sick before you can read your favorite one. You must figure out what customers are looking for. Your website your offer enough service that they would not have to go outside to buy magazines and everything should come their mailbox on time. Before you start offering a magazine subscription on your website, must do a research on other websites for the prices they are offering for the same magazine.

5. Beauty Tips


Being human every person wants to look good and smart. Specially, women are mostly conscious about their looks. If you have good number of female visitors, you are more than lucky to avail this idea. You sends samples of high-end beauty products varying from hair care to body care to perfume to nail polish. When people sign up for a subscription, you create a profile, so only the products that meet the customers wants and needs are sent to them. You can give more values to subscribers to attract more customers. Before each box is shipped, you allow them to preview it, and if they don’t like it, they can switch it to a different category or choose to skip it for some time. 

It’s immensely satisfying to start a business that generates daily recurring income. In subscription businesses, you are able to plan when to scale up and when to scale down your business. But if your model and idea is innovative, there is a fair chance that your business will grow larger every year. With shift from the transaction economy to the subscription economy, the big winners will be the ones who are first to adopt the new model for their industry.

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