5 Best Browser Push Notifications WordPress Plugins

Everyone is familiar with push notifications especially when you keep on receiving them all day in your Smartphone. Push notifications in browsers is rather a new trend but it is getting popular because of its effectiveness. Browser push notifications are very effective for keeping your customers, clients and readers engaged with your website. They appear in browser if a user is using some other site in some other tab and help you bringing them back on your website. Push notifications are very easy to implement in WordPress because of a wide range of very effective and user-friendly plugins. After a detailed analysis of all available plugins, we have hand picked 5 best WordPress plugins for Push notifications in browsers. Let’s have a look!

1. OneSignal


OneSignal is a complete push notification solution for WordPress blogs and websites, trusted by over 20,500 developers and marketers including some of the largest brands and websites in the world.After setup, your visitors can opt-in to receive desktop push notifications when you publish a new post, and visitors receive these notifications even after they’ve left your website.

OneSignal Unique Features:

  • Supports Chrome (Desktop & Android), Safari (Mac OS X), and Firefox (Desktop) on both HTTP and HTTPS sites.
  • Automatic Notifications – Send notifications to followers every time you publish a new post. Or set up a reminder that gets automatically sent to them if they haven’t visited for a few days.
  • Targeting Segments – Send notifications to specific visitors based on language, number of times they’ve visited your blog, or even set up your own user attributes that you can target.
  • Opt-In Customization – Choose when and how to ask your visitors to opt-in to browser notifications. Customize the prompt they first see.
  • Real Time Analytics – See your notifications being delivered in real time, and watch them as they convert into visitors.
  • A/B Testing – Try out different messages to a smaller set of your visitors to figure out which messages are more effective and then send the more effective message to the rest of your visitors!
  • Scheduled Notifications – Schedule notifications to be delivered in the future, based on a user’s time zone, or even based on the same time of day they last visited your website.

OneSignal User Reviews:

OneSignal has a lot of good and 5-star user reviews. Let’s have a look on few of them:

re1 here is another good one:


2. Roost Web Push


Roost web push is one of most famous WordPress plugin for sending push notifications on the web. It works perfectly for Chrome (both Android and desktop), firefox (desktop) and Safari (only desktop). The plugin is free with 1000+ active installs. it is a very flexible plugin with user-friendly admin-panel. You can set push notifications of your own choice. For example, push notifications can be sent on  all post edits or for new posts only. An amazing plugin which should be given a try. Here is how it works:

Roost unique features:

  • Chrome Notifications – Use notifications in Chrome (desktop and Android)
  • Firefox Notifications – Web Push now supported in Firefox
  • Safari Web Push – Take advantage of web push (desktop push notifications)
  • The Bell – On-Site notifications AND supported in all browsers
  • Auto Notifications – We take the work out of it. Automatically send notifications to your readers when creating a new post.
  • Category Filters – Decide which content triggers a notification based on the category.
  • Notifications on Update – Easily send notifications when updating posts.
  • Notification Prompt Controls – Decide how and when the subscription prompt is shown to your visitors.
  • Custom Notification Headlines – Set a custom headline for your notification to be used instead of a post title.
  • bbPress Subscriptions – Allows site visitors to subscribe to forums, topics, or individual messages when posting replies.
  • Detailed Analytics – Charts with detailed metrics about your visitors straight to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Manual Post Mode – Send notifications for individual posts when creating. Just check the box.
  • Scheduled Post Notifications – Not posting now? Don’t worry. Your alerts will go out when your content posts.

Roost User reviews:

Just like Onesignal, roost also has received some very good user reviews. Let’s see top ones:


Second one in this category is:


3. Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite)


This is another amazing plugin which has the ability to send push notifications to iOS, Android and Fire OS devices when you publish a new post. It can be used to alert your visitors whenever a new content is published and thus you can convert them from regular to loyal readers. Thus, it keeps your audience engaged.

Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite) allows you to focus on building beautiful and unique apps, without developing your own server-side back-end. Content for the apps is collected automatically from your WordPress site, so no extra work is needed to maintain them.With Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite) you can send, for each post, a maximum of 1,000 notifications per platform (e.g. 1,000 for iOS, + 1,000 for Android, + 1,000 for Fire OS). Here is how this plugin actually works:

Push notifications for wordpress unique features:

  • Instant notifications. Notifications appear as message alerts, badge updates, and even sound alerts.
  • Powerful APIs. Provides easy to use REST APIs, available via HTTP. Send and receive data using the simple JSON standard. More info here.
  • Allow users to receive notifications of their choice. If you want, users can choose the categories of post of which receive push notifications. People are busy and do not like to have their time wasted. And when you do that you’re likely to lose that subscriber.
  • Optional support for OAuth. Any request sent to the API that are not properly signed will be denied.
  • Android and iOS libraries. Save hours of work by using our Android and iOS libraries in your apps.

Push notifications for WordPress User reviews:

This plugin doesn’t have much user reviews on web. Still let’s have a look on what is available:


here is another good user review:


4. Web Push


This plugin uses the W3C Push API to allow you to send push notifications to anyone who visits your site and signs up for notifications. Once you’ve installed and configured this plugin, anyone visiting your site/app in browsers that support the W3C Push API (Firefox and Chrome, at the time of writing) will be asked whether they want to receive notifications from your site. You will immediately be able to send push notifications to anyone who consents.

Web Push Unique features:

Using this plugin, you can set various pieces of configuration, including:

  • The title for push notifications that appear from your site
  • When to attempt to register your visitor for push notifications (e.g. after how many visits)
  • Which types of events should trigger push notifications (e.g. new posts, comments, updates to posts)

Web push unique features:


5. WPPush


WpPush is rather a new plugin but it is progressing with very high speed. It was introduced a while back and still it has more than 2 dozen actives installs. Basically the theme has a lot of potential and it can go very far in the near future.

Here is how this plugin works. A tutorial delivered by developer himself.

WPPush Unique features:

  • Push notifications for chrome
  • Push notifications for Safari
  • Developer support
  • and much more!

WPPush User reviews:

Wppush has few good user reviews. Here is a good one from aimtell who is also a plugin developer. Surprisingly, aimtell has also developed a similar plugin.


I hope this article will help you selecting a WordPress plugin for sending push notifications to our website viewers. Your feedback in this regard is always welcome.

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